Pre-purchase Timber Tweed Heads Pest Inspections / Reports:

These tweed heads pest Inspections are essential in identifying timber pest (ie termite, borer or fungal decay) activity or damage prior to buying or selling a property. Timber pests pose a serious threat to the vast majority of residential dwellings that are built using timber framing for most if not the whole building. Although timber pest management methods have improved in recent years with the introduction of (non-chemical) physical barrier systems, these systems do not termite proof a building. Rather, the termites are prevented from entering the building via concealed cracks and crevices that often occur around the building perimeter and around pipes and other services that may penetrate through the concrete slab. 

tweed coast Pest inspections, as a minimum, are conducted in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard AS 4349.3. Areas inspected & reported on include, The building interior, building exterior, roof space, sub-floor area & the site including timber fencing & landscaping materials.  We utilise traditional & thorough inspection techniques, sounding (tapping) timber elements throughout the building and also incorporate the latest technology and detection equipment such as electronic moisture meter & thermal imaging detection.

Annual or follow up Tweed Heads pest inspections:

Once you have settled in to your new home, keep it safe from the threat of timber pest attack!  Nearly all residential buildings and all forms of timber pest management used on them require regular follow-up inspections as part of the warranty of the management system (if in place).  So don't void your warranty and don't take the risk with your biggest asset, have it checked at the intervals that are recommended (which depends on the risk of susceptibility of the property). Normally, these tweed coast pest inspections are recommended annually. There is literally no such thing as termite proofing a home unless it is built entirely from non-timber elements meaning the vast majority of homes are at risk. We inspect and follow the same techniques as above in a pre-purchase / sale situation to ensure consistency & that the most thorough and extensive check of your property is completed regularly – just like a routine check up.

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