Pre-purchase / Pre-sale or auction reports:

Essential in identifying building faults, defects and problems that may be serious & very costly should you proceed in  purchasing a property without being well informed or fully aware. Alternatively, don't risk losing a potential property sale through building faults and issues arising without your prior knowledge.  We can fully inform you as a property buyer or seller with a pre-purcase or pre-sale building report.

Tweed heads Building inspections, as a minimum, are conducted in accordance with the relevant Australian Standard AS 4349.1. Areas inspected & reported on include, The building interior, building exterior, the roof exterior, roof space, sub-floor area & the site.

Special-Purpose Reports:

Provide assessment and advice on specific or existing building related problems.  Using an open format type report, we identify the building problem or defect in detail, assess the cause and offer expert advice in resolution and recommendations.

Handover Reports:

At the completion of your building project, be it a new home, extension or renovation, we highly recommend Tweed heads building inspections.  It pays to have a trained eye check over all aspects of the finished product before you make your final practical completing payment to your building contractor.  Allow us to prepare a handover report to ensure all aspects of the building workmanship are sound and documentation is completed.

Asbestos Identification:

Stop! Before you buy and / or renovate, be certain you know what building materials you are working with.  Asbestos is potentially deadly & has been used widely throughout the building industry in Australia primarily prior to 1990. It may be present in various building materials in residential homes, some examples including; Roof sheeting, fencing, lino flooring, wall, ceiling & eaves linings, roof gutters / downpipes & plumbing pipes. During these Tweed heads building inspections, we can sample and test any building material to provide you with a certificate of analysis identifying the presence of asbestos. Be safe, be informed. 

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